Coastal Carolina Press: A Statement Of Purpose

The Coastal Carolina Press is a non-profit corporation dedicated to publishing materials about the history, culture, and activities of coastal North Carolina.

As an energetic Press focused on the region and devoted to public service, we have the opportunity to make important educational and informational contributions to the coastal community. We will try to make the charms and attractions of the area more widely known to Carolinians and to visitors and prospective visitors alike, and will help to preserve the region's past in all its variety and color.

In summary, the objectives of the Coastal Carolina Press are:

  •  to assist in preserving the history, traditions, folklore, and other features of the region's culture;
  •  to help inform Carolinians and visitors about the area's people, places, attractions and problems;
  •  to pay particular attention to matters relating to the care and maintenance of the coastal environment;
  •  to help young people appreciate the virtues of the region in which they are growing up, to incorporate a sense of stewardship into their thinking about the environment, and to provide materials for reading, listening, and viewing that they will find interesting and instructive;
  •  to provide an outlet for high-quality fiction and non-fiction pertaining to the region and to become, over time, a stimulus to cultural activity and ferment in the region.

Andrew M. Scott, Director/Publisher



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