Submission Guidelines

Founded in April 1999, Coastal Carolina Press is a nonprofit publishing company with long-term goals of building the North Carolina coast's literary record and educating visitors and natives alike.  CCP is interested in publishing the following types of titles:

q       Quality fiction by emerging writers--manuscripts must be written by authors living on the coast of the Carolinas, and/or feature a coastal theme or setting.  Genre and non-genre manuscripts welcome.

q       Books that explore issues pertaining to our fragile coastal environment.

q       Books about various aspects of NC's coastal history.

q       Manuscripts that share important aspects of NC's African-American history.

q       Lifestyle titles that can be of use to coastal natives in everyday life. 

We welcome submissions in the following format.  Regardless of the project's development stage, please send a query letter, which should provide a summary of the project's content, a description of the author's experience, and any suggestions regarding the audience to whom the project might appeal.  If applicable, please enclose a sample chapter; if the project is merely in the 'idea stage,' please submit a proposal and enclose other writing samples so that we can get a sense of your writing style, or of your artwork if appropriate.  (If you are unsure of how to write a query letter or proposal there are books available at your local bookstore or library.)  Queries should be sent to the attention of Nicole Smith, Editor.

Suggested Readings:

A Writer's Guide to Book Publishing
by Richard Balkin
ISBN: 0452270219
A wonderful and informative introduction to the publishing process.

How to Write a Book Proposal
by Michael Larson
ISBN: 0898797713
Tells you how to make editors want to read your manuscript!

The Complete Guide to Book Marketing
by David Cole
ISBN: 1581150288
A great resource for first time and small press authors.  Learn how to make your book a success.




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