The State of Our Coast


"Simply put, The State of Our Coast is an exemplary crash-course for everyone who loves the Carolina shores! Nowhere else will one see the heart and truth of current maritime matters better defined, or more clearly stated, than in these stirring pages from the state's real foremost agency of water and wetland conservation—that cordgrass citizens' army called the North Carolina Coastal Federation. Bravo, and pray, stay the course!"--Bland Simpson, author of Into the Sound Country & Ghost Ship of Diamond Shoals.

The history of North Carolina's coast is long and colorful: Pirates haunted these shores, the first American settlers made landfall here, and treacherous shoals earned its waters a reputation as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Just as fascinating as the coast's past are its beautiful natural resources and complex ecosystem. The pristine beaches stretching from Nag's Head to Wrightsville lured thousands of visitors, many of whom decided to stay. In the twentieth century, commerce and tourism finally found their way to quiet coastal communities. Soon after, development and pollution began to destroy the very natural treasures that had attracted so many newcomers.

In 1982, Carteret County native Todd Miller decided that it was time to take action, and the North Carolina Coastal Federation was born. NCCF has since gained recognition as the most effective advocate for the protection of our coastal environment. In 1995, NCCF began distributing annual State of the Coast Reports aimed at helping interested citizens understand the changing faces of their wetlands, beaches, and hometowns.

The State of Our Coast is published through a special agreement between NCCF and Coastal Carolina Press. Here, for the first time, five years of NCCF's State of the Coast Reports appear in one comprehensive volume. Featuring reports from 1997-2001, this compilation tackles pressing environmental issues, showcases cutting-edge ecological research, and explores controversial legislative decisions. Most of all, it presents simple, everyday ways you can care for our shores. The North Carolina Coastal Federation and Coastal Carolina Press invite you to join the 250,000 citizens who are working to make a difference in the state of our coast.

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