Turn South at the Next Magnolia (Read by author Nan Graham)


A bi-weekly commentator on public radio, author Nan Graham reflects on what it's like growing up and growing old in the South. Turn South at the Next Magnolia—Directions from a Lifelong Southerner presents the perspective of a Southern woman of a certain age who has lived through WWII, segregation, a race riot, cancer, thirty-nine years of marriage, the computer avalanche, a grandchild, the homogenization of our Southern setting into mainstream America, and more change than one thought possible. The essays, which first appeared as on-air commentaries, reflect a fresh view of the changes, with a bit of humor to see them through. “In Turn South at the Next Magnolia, Nan Graham has managed to capture ‘live’ many of the nooks and crannies of everyday life in the South of yesterday as well as today-family, food, fun and more-that keep insiders as well as outsiders fascinated with this place we call home.” -Clyde Edgerton.

So sit down and have a slice. A slice of Southern. As tasty as a fresh ear of Silver Queen corn, as vinegary as N.C. barbeque, and as heart-stopping as a platter of fried chicken. Nan Graham has been a much-loved voice on radio station WHQR 91.3fm since 1994, with her wry and humorous thoughts on life in the “New South”. The familiar sign-off line to these commentaries is, "Commentator Nan Graham is a Lifelong Southerner." She lives in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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