An Independent Spirit


Based on North Carolina legend, the tale of Betsy Dowdy takes place in the tumultuous months leading up to the Revolutionary War. Unlikely heroine Betsy lives on North Carolina's isolated Currituck Banks. She would rather be riding her wild pony, Black Bess, than knitting caps and learning how to be a "proper" lady. Only when she and Bess are galloping down the beach does Betsy feel truly free.

Far Away in Boston, war is brewing between Britain's King George and the colonists. Betsy isn't worried—-until word comes that Loyalist Lord Dunmore and his British soldiers are moving towards Currituck Banks, burning houses and killing livestock. Suddenly Betsy's beloved ponies are in danger. In a daring all-night ride, Betsy and Bess race to warn Patriot General Skinner of the coming attack. Can she reach him in time? What will happen to her family and the wild ponies if she doesn't?

An Independent Spirit is the second book in the Legends of the Carolina Series. The first book in the series, Pale as the Moon is also written by Donna Campbell Smith. Special features of the books include: Event Timelines, Teachers' Guides, and Internet Resource listings.

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