Camellia the Bald


Life at Susan Camellia Cardiff's house isn't going very well. Her mother's always angry, and her sympathetic father is often away on business. Susan's Aunt Camellia, on the other hand, has always showered her with wonderful gifts: paintings, Persian carpets, sophisticated history books, and exciting outdoor adventure courses. When Aunt Camellia summons Susan to her beachside mansion for vacation, Susan should be delighted. There's just one catch-rumor has it that her mysterious aunt is a witch! Susan doesn't believe the gossip...until a mailbox she encounters on the beach turns out to be a portal to another world. Suddenly she finds herself fleeing from an angry dragon, having a battle of wits with the bristly eyebrowed, grumpy Keeper of the Books, and trekking across unfamilar territories in search of a way home. To complicate things further, almost everyone Susan meets insists on calling her "Your Majesty." Susan can't decide whether she ought to prove them wrong. After all, there has to be some mistake. Much as she likes the idea of ruling a kingdom, Susan couldn't possibly be the next queen of Ebal...or could she?

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