Death of a Mermaid


Forced by a tragic accident to leave her old life behind, it's been five months since Callie McKinley made her way to North Carolina. The isolated Outer Banks provides Callie with the anonymity she needs to start her life over as a restaurant manger at the Holiday House Hotel. The only things disturbing her sleep now are thoughts about Kyle Tyler, owner of Sharkey's Bar & Grill.

But, the serenity of Callie's new world is shattered when a skull is uncovered in a dune outside of the hotel. If that isn't enough, Callie's head waitress, Margie, has disappeared and the police don't seem too concerned. Determined to find her young friend, Callie searches for clues to Margie's whereabouts and finds herself unwittingly poking her nose into a police investigation.

Callie's inquiry reveals more questions than answers: Are the remains those of the "Murdered Mermaid", a sensational five-year-old unsolved homicide? Why does Margie claim to be someone she's not? Who at the Holiday House Hotel knew Margie's secret? And who is willing to resort to murder to prevent Callie from finding the truth?

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