Excerpt from Pale as the Moon (audio)

"I saw one today," Gray Squirrel exclaimed. "He must be separated from his mother. I heard him crying and could see the fear in his eyes. Grandfather, I want this horse to be my brother and carry me like the wind." The words tumbled out of Gray Squirrel like a waterfall. Black Feather looked amused. "The horses are wild like the deer. You will never get close enough to climb on that young one’s back. Enough storytelling, child. Go to sleep." Sleep was slow in coming to the little girl. Her thoughts were filled with plans about how to win the trust of the dark colt with the half-moon on his forehead. When she finally fell asleep, she dreamed of him whinnying from the top of the tall sand dunes. Tomorrow she would find this horse that called to her in the wind.

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