Excerpt from Inshore Angler

Inshore Angler Coastal Carolina's Small Boat Fishing Guide

Table of Contents

Rigging and fishing techniques for small boat anglers

Chapter 1. Universal Boats–Evolution and Selection of Johnboats and Skiffs

Chapter 2. Prospecting for Fish Using the Three-rod Method

Chapter 3. How to Catch Saltwater's Best Live Baits

Chapter 4. Saltwater Fly-fishing is Catching On


Chapter 5. Sizzling in the Salt Striped Bass

Chapter 6. Sneak Out for Sea Trout

Chapter 7. Bluefish Blowout Beats Those Winter Blues

Chapter 8. Bonito and False Albacore: What's in a Name?

Chapter 9. Surefire Tactics for Catching Spring Redfish


Chapter 10. Cobia Fun in the Summer Sun

Chapter 11. Speaking Spanish

Chapter 12. Power-Drifting for Flounder

Chapter 13. Get the Edge on Carolina Flounder

Chapter 14. Sheepshead Records Shattered by Twelve-year-old


Chapter 15. Speckled Trout Worth the Price

Chapter 16. The Beat of a Different Drummer

Chapter 17. Catching Flounder on Artificial Lures

Chapter 18. Copper-headed Fish on a Copperhead Fly


Chapter 19. Cash in on the Strong Return of Weakfish

Chapter 20. Freezer Filling Sea Trout


Glossary of Terms

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