Author Bio: Joan Carris

Joan Carris did not always want to be an author, but when she began writing in 1976, she loved it. "Writing is the most wonderful challenge," she says, "and the hours just fly by." To date, Carris has published 13 popular books for young readers and 4 textbooks, all while raising a family of three, plus countless pets. Currently she teaches graduate-level writing at the Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort, NC, speaks in schools and at conferences, and writes commentaries for Public Radio East. Other Books by Joan Carris (not published by Coastal Carolina Press): The Revolt of 10-X *When The Boys Ran The House Witch-Cat *Pets, Vets, and Marty Howard Rusty Timmons' First Million *Hedgehogs in the Closet *The Greatest Idea Ever Just A Little Ham Aunt Morbelia and The Screaming Skulls Stolen Bones Howling for Home Beware The Ravens, Aunt Morbelia * The Howard Boys Series For more information about Joan Carris and her books, visit www.joancarrisbooks.com

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